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    Paramount Builders is a West Virginia-based general contractor specializing in commercial, design/build, construction management and consulting. We service multiple states within our surrounding region, including West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia.

    Founded in 2006, Paramount has completed over $165 million in construction projects. We are an accredited LEED Building Contractor, with several successful LEED Green and LEED Silver projects completed to date.

    Our team of devoted experts lives by our motto – Building Excellence – and we are committed to providing only the highest-quality work to our customers.

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    The Team

    Paramount Builders’ reputation for excellence has helped us attract some of the industry’s top talent. Our core group of seasoned professionals possesses a high level of expertise that only decades of experience can offer. We are committed to providing total client satisfaction and to our values of integrity, honest communication, hard work and superb quality.

    Derick Foster


    Derick Foster is one of the founders of Paramount Builders. He provides the complete supervision of day-to-day operations, business development and client relations. His responsibilities include negotiating and bidding work, construction administration, marketing strategies and maintaining a thorough safety program.

    Kyle Captain

    Sr. Project Manager

    Kyle Captain has more than 15 years experience in the construction industry and focuses on construction management and business development for Paramount. His responsibilities include the day-to- day management of various projects, estimating work, subcontractor relations and business development.

    Kenny Harper

    Project Engineer

    Kenny Harper is a project engineer at Paramount. With experience managing a variety of construction projects, including industrial- and government-related jobs, he provides strong support in all aspects of project management, including estimating, bidding and correspondence.

    Jeff Dixon

    Safety Manager

    Jeff Dixon developed Paramount Builders’ extensive safety policy and implements comprehensive safety procedures for all Paramount projects. He remains in constant contact with all superintendents and field personnel to ensure that each jobsite remains safe for all employees and subcontractors.

    Sid Harmon

    Sr. Superintendent

    Sid Harmon regular serves as Sr. Superintendent for various projects from industrial, commercial and medical-related projects for a multitude of clients, as well as construction projects for the US Corps of Engineers and the US Army.

    Kemp Holmes


    Kemp Holmes has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry. His extensive knowledge of sub-trades enables him to provide effective monitoring and quality assurance. Having supervised a multitude of large-scale commercial construction sites, he efficiently brings projects in on time and on budget and ensures that building codes and regulations are met.

    Bob Malesky


    Bob Malesky is experienced in all phases of construction, managing a diverse range of projects from end to end, including the US Bureau of Prisons, West Virginia Department of Highways, The Greenbrier Resort, The Greenbrier Sporting Club and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.

    Steven Carr

    CFO | CPA

    Steven is in the senior leadership team and has primary responsibility for the finance and accounting function, including financial reporting, financial systems, planning and analysis, income taxes, corporate treasury and executive benefits. In addition, Steven serves on the company’s investment, risk management, compliance and development committees.

  • Cover

    Paramount Builders made the cover of US Builder Review

    "€œWest Virginia State Office Building NO. 3 gets great review from US Builders Review."

    In Charleston, West Virginia, an elaborate historical renovation of the state’s office building No. 3 is taking shape directly across from the West Virginia State Capitol Dome. The prominent building was designed and constructed in the early 1950s and served as the Department of Motor Vehicles site for decades. Over the years, other departments were also housed in the building, taxing systems and capacity.   Read the full story
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  • Design Build

    Paramount Builders is routinely asked to manage client projects from a design build approach, placing all of the key project components – civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical engineering and construction – under a single source of responsibility and point of contact. Early in the process, we identify owner/project needs, budget constraints and allocations, completion dates and final construction cost, enabling a “fast track” approach for a very quick project start-up. This allows the owner or team to finalize the finishes while construction progresses, maximizing your time and financial investment.

  • Construction Management

    As a consultant, Paramount Builders undertakes all of the legwork, keeping close contact with the building owner(s) from the start. Our responsibilities include: assisting and directing the selection and/or implementation of civil, architectural, MEP and all design services; pre-qualifications for vendors and subcontractors for performing the work; and project scheduling, which includes planning, expediting and updating all parties regularly for discussing changes in scope, project schedule and budget.

    • Review documents, and estimate projects
    • Obtain local and state permits
    • Solicit bids and complete bid review
    • Monitor and manage day-to-day activities and schedule
    • Facilitate progress meetings
    • Manage daily supervision/project administration
    • Monitor budget & cost tracking
    • Administer submittals and Request’s for Information RFIs
    • Handle change orders and company summaries
    • Review all pay acquisitions
    • Orchestrate punch list and project closeout documentation
  • Consulting

    As a consultant, Paramount Builders undertakes all of the legwork, keeping close contact with the building owner(s) from the start. Our responsibilities include: assisting and directing the selection and/or implementation of civil, architectural, MEP and all design services; pre-qualifications for vendors and subcontractors for performing the work; and project scheduling, which includes planning, expediting and updating all parties regularly for discussing changes in scope, project schedule and budget.

  • General Contracting

    This method of construction is typical when the client has secured the design/engineer responsibility and delivered a complete plan and spec project. Paramount’s diverse background insures that time, cost and quality are equally important for delivery.

    • Direct a competitive scope and cost review
    • Administer thorough submittal and shop drawing review
    • Coordinate and hold routine progress meetings
    • Maintain a quality control program
    • Review, track, monitor scope changes as well as progress milestones
    • Track and monitor progress milestones
    • Administer excellent team communication
    • Oversee routine safety inspections
    • Coordinate and manage local and state permits and inspections
    • Achieve successful project closeout including operation manuals and warranties

Project Photo Gallery

Full List of Projects
  • Building 3 / West Virginia Capitol Campus

    Project Specifications: 166,200 sf Architect: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff & Goettel Location: Charleston, WV

    building-3_019-pick-2-16x9 building-3_028-pick-2 building-3_073-pick-2 building-3_136-pick-2 building-3_180-pick-2 building-3_183-pick-2 building-3_186-pick-2 building-3_189-pick-2 building-3_192-pick-2 building-3_195-pick-2 building-3_198-pick-2 building-3_201-pick-2 building-3_213-pick-2 building-3_222-pick-2 building-3_225-pick-2 building-3_240-pick-2 building-3_243-pick-2 building-3_246-pick-2 Untitled_Panorama2 Untitled_Panorama4
  • Logan Mingo Readiness Center

    Project Specifications:
    49,000 sf
    Architect ZMM architects and engineers
    Location: Logan, WV

    1 17 2 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
  • West Virginia Lottery Renovations

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 150,200 sf
    Location: Charleston, WV
    Architect: Silling Associates

    WVLottery_1 WVLottery_6 WVLottery_5 WVLottery_4 WVLottery_2
  • Huntington East Middle School

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 98,800 sf
    Location: Huntington, WV
    Architect: ZMM Architects & Engineers

    HuntingtonMiddle_1 HuntingtonMiddle_16 HuntingtonMiddle_15 HuntingtonMiddle_14 HuntingtonMiddle_13 HuntingtonMiddle_12 HuntingtonMiddle_11 HuntingtonMiddle_10 HuntingtonMiddle_9 HuntingtonMiddle_8 HuntingtonMiddle_7 HuntingtonMiddle_6 HuntingtonMiddle_5 HuntingtonMiddle_4 HuntingtonMiddle_3 HuntingtonMiddle_2
  • Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council Headquarters

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 29,250 sf
    Location: Charleston, WV
    Design Build Delivery

    Girlscouts_2 Girlscouts_9 Girlscouts_8 Girlscouts_7 Girlscouts_6 Girlscouts_5 Girlscouts_4 Girlscouts_3 Girlscouts_1
  • White Sulphur Welcome Center

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 7,400 sf
    Location: White Sulphur, WV
    Architect: Chapman Technical Group

    WhiteSSprings_1 WhiteSSprings_5 WhiteSSprings_4 WhiteSSprings_3 WhiteSSprings_2
  • Coonskin Family Readiness Center

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 6,700 sf
    Location: Charleston, WV
    Architect: ZMM Architects & Engineers

    Cookshin_1 Cookshin_4 Cookshin_3 Cookshin_2
  • Gassaway Armory

    Project Specifications:
    Renovation and Additions to the existing Gassaway Armory
    Size: 18,000 sf
    Location: Gassaway, WV
    Architect: Jerry Goff Architecture

    Gassaway_1 Gassaway_6 Gassaway_5 Gassaway_4 Gassaway_3 Gassaway_2
  • All Crane Office / Maintenance Garage

    Project Specifications:
    Construction of a New Office & Maintenance Garage
    Size: 36,000 sf
    Location: Nitro, WV
    Design Build Delivery

    All-Crane-1 All-Crane-2
  • West Virginia University – Tech Campus

    Project Specifications:
    Renovation Project for Campus Student Union
    Size: 25,800 sf
    Location: Montgomery, WV
    Architect: Silling Associates

    Tech_4 Tech_3 Tech_2 Tech_1
  • New River Community & Technical College

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 64,600 sf
    Location: Beckley, WV
    Architect: E.T. Boggess Architecture

    NewRiver_1 NewRiver_15 NewRiver_14 NewRiver_13 NewRiver_12 NewRiver_11 NewRiver_10 NewRiver_9 NewRiver_8 NewRiver_7 NewRiver_6 NewRiver_5 NewRiver_4 NewRiver_3 NewRiver_2
  • Buckhannon National Guard

    Project Specifications:
    Size: 36,600 sf
    Location: Buckhannon, WV
    Architect: The Omni Group

    Buck_0_HERO_11 Buck_17_20 Buck_16_19 Buck_15_18 Buck_14_17 Buck_13_16 Buck_12_15 Buck_11_14 Buck_10_13 Buck_9_28 Buck_8_27 Buck_7_26 Buck_6_25 Buck_5_24 Buck_4_23 Buck_3_22 Buck_2_21 Buck_1_12 Buck_.75_10 Buck_.5_09


If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you feel we could assist you with your building needs, please call or email Derick Foster for more information.


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